strange or odd; unusual, particular, special. one half pablo, one half paula and a garage full of paper, screen printing supplies, sketch books, pixels and hard drives.

at the potter’s house water is served in a broken jug

Arabic proverb

or, in other words: this site is a work in progress*

*and also not our first priority. you can find old stuff of ours at pairth.com. someday we’ll fix that site up, too. also, we don’t live in ellensburg anymore.


kinda like french vanilla and regular vanilla ice cream are the same but different…

pablo likes to mountain bike more than run, listen to history podcasts more than the ones about psychology, and draw letters more than code. go to paula for those other things.

we both love making books, screen printing, sewing and spending time outside.


paula at eight-o-one three-three-o two-o-eight-nine

pablo at three-six-o two-six-one three-two-four-nine

send a note to writeme at bepeculiar dot com