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Design + parenthood + running + authenticity
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stacks for days

Days are stacking on top of each other. Sometimes I can see them from the side. Appreciate the accumulation. Other times, I only see from top-down and they all are a single day. Today is Sunday. We went to church. We leave the house at 7:30 (a luxury since we now have a car!) to …

time thoughts

Back in Bellingham it is Wednesday. Actually, now it early Thursday morning because it is late now – almost Friday. Nineteen hours between. Time is a big marker of this experience – as much for its lack of presence as its omnipresence. Our rhythm is much simpler now – far less dependent on exactly what …

the beginning

So far New Zealand is everything we hoped for and more. Also, just embarking from our known to so many unknowns. We are in a totally new place around strangers. Inside, though, we are still who we’ve always been. I will stop speaking in the plural now because I can’t combine my experience of this …


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